Chief Strategy Officer of NIA

  • Over 20 years in executive management and experience in Innovative Leadership and Innovative Organisation Development at innovative start ups and large conglomerates.
  • Currently oversees the Strategic and Foresight unit, International relations & diplomacy, IT, Risk management, and Administrative Operations of National Innovation Agency, Thailand.
  • Creates opportunities and collaboration between international and local; bridges government policies into private sectors and start ups.
  • Recognised and awarded as the “50 Fabulous Innovative Leaders” from World Innovation Congress 2020.


Thailand is ranked No. 1 on the US News & World Report’s chart of the Best Countries to Start a Business 2020 and has a dedicated economic plan for the adoption of fourth generation technology. The Thailand 4.0 economic model offers favourable incentives for foreign investments to ramp up the country’s economy. As a result, the stock of foreign direct investment (FDI) increased 69% to USD6.7 billion in 2019 and this has placed the country in an excellent position to foster inclusive technology-driven development.

Discover on how Thailand emerges as an innovative FDI destination and how businesses can benefit from it with Ms. Theresa Mathawaphan, Chief Strategy Officer of NIA : National Innovation Agency, Thailand.

ABOUT NATIONAL INNOVATION AGENCY (NIA), THAILAND NIA was established by the Ministry of Science and Technology to lead the development of Thailand’s innovation ecosystem by coordinating, networking, fostering, and partnering different organisations from various fields such as academia, technology, industry, finance and investment. Its main focus is on utilising knowledge management to achieve innovation, which could be employed as the principal tool in improving quality of life and driving towards an increasingly competitive economy.