The No. 1 Rule of a Successful Self-Made Entrepreneur

Avin C. Ong is a self-made entrepreneur. He is the Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of the Fredley Group of Companies who was recognized as a Master Entrepreneur at the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 2021 Regional Edition. Avin’s group is also a proud winner of the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards 2021 Regional Edition under the Fast Enterprise and Inspirational Brand categories.

Avin’s story of entrepreneurial success is nothing short of inspiring as he went from packing and assembling hangers to make a living to becoming the Founder of a master franchise with numerous awards to his name.

Determination, Perseverance, And Adaptability Are Key To Success

The entrepreneur’s well-deserved success is largely attributed to his determination, perseverance, and adaptability. Being a very hands-on Founder, Chairman, and CEO of the company, Avin works directly with the department heads to ensure that everything they do is aligned with one another.

Apart from setting the company’s vision and taking the lead in the brand acquisition, he places significant emphasis on the company’s growth from operations to expansion to bringing in new brands. He works with the Research and Development team to ensure that there are constant improvements and looks into process re-engineering to ensure that the company is adaptive to the volatile environment through technology and digitalization.

“Entrepreneurship is not something easy. Success cannot happen just overnight. Although it is not easy, it is going to be worth it. As an entrepreneur, you just have to keep fighting, persevere, work hard, stay creative and adaptable to the changing environment.” Avin shared.

Under Avin’s leadership, Fredley Group of Companies will continue acquiring more brands to achieve its goals of opening more branches, providing more job opportunities for Filipinos, and becoming an IPO by 2025.