How an Innovative Management System Boosts Business Success Through Cultivating Employee Happiness

The subject of creating a friendly work environment and cultivating a positive workplace culture has become a topic of interest to many organizations in recent decades. These efforts are all undertaken to achieve one crucial goal — employee happiness.

Business success is highly dependent on employee productivity. Employees are the foundation of an organization, providing the essential labour to maintain business operations. A 2015 study found that happy employees’ productivity increases by up to 20% compared to unhappy employees. Thus, ensuring the happiness of employees plays a significant role in determining a business’s success.

Digital business agency Sofokus believes that tomorrow’s winning recipe for success is a happiness orientated company culture combined with modern organism management systems and a composable digital heart as the business core. Sofokus’ belief eventually led to the development of Better Monday®, which won the International Innovation Award in 2021 under the Organization & Culture Category.

Better Monday® is an organism management system that supports businesses in adapting to the New Normal era while maximising happiness and wellbeing. Sofokus believes that innovation requires living, flexible, and radically transparent organisms instead of artificial, stiff and hierarchical organizations. Therefore, instead of managers and executive boards, the company trusts in flock intelligence and a monthly open meeting where anyone can represent their team or an area of expertise, depending on the questions addressed. These solutions increase transparency and harness all available brainpower in the organism.

Better Monday® is also about valuing people higher than figures. Since trying to force innovation is doomed to fail, the company has created the best possible environment for nurturing it instead. Remote working, comprehensive occupational health services, sports, culture and massage benefits, and free workout classes have been self-evident for over a decade. The effective strategy enables the company to raise its happiness bar every year.

In 2021, Sofokus began supporting the resilience of its people with online mental health coaching and granted everyone an additional, fully paid one-week vacation to reduce the pandemic fatigue. To ensure the company maintains its pioneering position with Better Monday®, Sofokus’s Chief Happiness Officer, Milla Heikkilä, is dedicated to guiding her team towards their happiness goals.

Better Monday® is not only limited to Sofokus. The company is convinced that the principles of Better Monday® are applicable in every organization one way or another. Hence, Sofokus is constantly seeking new ways to raise awareness and discussion around work-life and happiness. One channel for sharing the company’s views is the international Better Monday® podcast that aims to help leaders, entrepreneurs, and other growth-minded people to get to full speed with a 365-degree view of happiness, work-life balance, and organizational responsibility.