Beauty Redefined: How a Company Leveraged on Technology to Revolutionise the Beauty Industry

Perfect Corp. is an innovative company which has a unique vision at the intersection of tech and beauty. The Company aims to transform the beauty game by marrying the highest level of augmented reality (AR) and artificial intelligence (AI) technology with the ultimate shopping experience, completely reinventing the online-to-offline (“O2O”) consumer beauty journey.

Their flagship app, YouCam Makeup, features hyperrealistic AR and AI virtual beauty try-ons for products and complete looks that allow customers to “try before they buy”. The app allows users to experience real-time virtual try-ons directly from their mobile phone.

This is made possible by patented YouCam mobile technologies including:

Facial Detection & Tracking - The app features unprecedented real-time facial detection that picks up more than 100 focal points in 0.02 seconds. The advanced technology is built to recognise minute facial details and movements, for precise video and photo editing effects.

Live 3D Makeup AR - Patented AR technology uses facial recognition, 3D renderings, skin tone analysis, texture matching, and light balancing to ensure hyper realistic makeup effects. The 3D AR engine generates makeup effects that seamlessly move with the muscles of the face, creating hyper realistic virtual makeup trials that rivals that of physical ones.

Skincare AR - The AR skin diagnostic tool utilises machine learning technology to provide a real-time skincare analysis, detecting wrinkles, spots, skin texture, and dark circles.

Face AI/ Smart Shade Finder - Powerful AI technology and deep learning algorithms make accurate facial detection, facial mapping, shade detection and colour matching capabilities possible. The result is a true-to-life virtual makeover experience that helps users find the perfect product shades to match their skin tone and preferences.

Highlights of the Innovation:
  • YouCam Makeup app provides a real-time virtual beauty try-on experience that alleviates the concerns of the messy, unhygienic counter visit.
  • This is made possible by patented YouCam mobile technologies including: Facial Detection & Tracking, Live 3D Makeup AR, Skincare AR, Face AI/ Smart Shade Finder.
  • In three years, the App has amassed over 700 million downloads, and over 2.6 million 5-star ratings globally.