6 Award Winning Innovations You Should Know About in 2018

Innovation is a term that people often overcomplicate. They put too much emphasis on producing the “next big innovation” and become overly attached to their ideas. However, the best innovations involve coming up with a practical solution to solve a common problem.

Here are 6 practical award winning innovations (in no particular order) that brought convenience to many in 2018.

#1 Dell Ultrasharp 49 Curved Monitor – U4919DW

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What is Special About this Innovation?
  • Uninterrupted ultrawide view: This monitor is similar to a dual monitor setup minus distracting borders. The expansiveness of the 49-inch panel, ultra-wide 32:9 aspect ratio and 3800R curvature offers an immersive, panoramic viewing experience so users can see more content and stay focused on their tasks.
  • Multitasking features: Users may stay organised with Easy Arrange, one of the many options included with the Dell Display Manager software to organise multiple applications for multi-tasking efficiency.
  • Immersive work experience: The product reduces cable clutter with just one USB-C cable to transmit power, data and video.
  • Comfort viewing feature: The monitor provides a TÜV-certified3, flicker-free screen and ComfortView, a feature that reduces harmful blue light emissions, and enables optimal eye comfort.

#2 Ogawa Master Drive+ Massage Chair

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What is Special About this Innovation?
  • Built with 8 sets of sensors, the machine tracks and identifies fatigue and acupressure points in the upper and lower body.
  • Has 23 pre-programmed massage sessions, with up to 500 personalised massage combinations.
  • It is powered by a high-performance M.5 Gen microprocessor™ to analyse data, delegate and coordinate each command to initiate a list of recommended massage programmes based on the user’s needs.
  • Ambient music, mood-setting light therapy.

#3 Bubble Tea Shaker Robot

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This product was created by Taiwan Intelligent Robotics Company to eliminate the inconsistency of the popular Bubble Tea drink, which tend to have either too much sugar, too few ice cubes, or too few tapioca balls, as well as to provide convenience to everyone to craft a perfect drink.

What is Special About this Innovation?
  • It is the only system in the world that is fully automated from ordering, payment, crafting the bubble tea, sealing, and labelling
  • It can craft a cup of bubble tea within 45 seconds or around 70 cups an hour
Here is the video of Bubble Tea Shaker Robot

#4 Rightest CARE Blood Sugar Management

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What is Special About this Innovation?
  • The App provides users with a brilliant solution for personal diabetes management by helping them easily keep their blood glucose fully on track.
  • It uses a safe and smooth data serialisation service, from accurate blood sugar measurement, to intelligent data analysis and processing, correctly transmitting blood sugar dynamic fluctuations, to achieve 3Q Eco-informatics Service Technology (Qualified Test, Qualified Data, and Qualified Delivery)
  • Reduces resource consumption and management blind spots caused by data errors, and creates a safe, secure and correct glycemic decision making information experience

#5 Gold Express QR Payment

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Founded by Hua Seng Heng Group Gold Express QR Payment is the first innovation for gold investors in Thailand. It was created according to the evolving technological advances and changes in customer’s buying behaviour.

What is Special About this Innovation?
  • Customers may purchase gold bullion using real-time pricing completely on their own. This reduces management costs and total purchase time through secured payment.

#6 AIM Global Daily Payout System

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In MLM-Direct Sales industry, the faster one can monitor and get their commissions, the more excited and motivated one gets. However, some most companies normally use a week or even a month to issue their commission cheques.

What is Special About this Innovation?
  • Alliance in Motion Global, Inc. is the first and only Filipino MLM-Direct Sales Company that offers a Daily Payout System which offers a unique compensation plan that ensures income is met on a daily basis
  • Distributors can monitor sales online, 24/7, right at the comforts of their homes.