4 Key Learnings from an Entrepreneur Who Revolutionised the Healthcare Industry

Ms Wendy Huang is the CEO of MWH Holdings, one of the largest integrated healthcare providers in Singapore. Through her personal experience, she noticed that patients with multiple medical problems had to go through the tiresome process of diagnostic tests: a revolving series of doctors, clinics, lab tests, and scans - all at different locations. This results in long waiting hours at multiple clinics and at each diagnostic testing stop.

Hence, in 2002, she founded the Group with the aim of providing patients with a unique “One Day, One Stop, One Centre” concept, so as to ultimately transform the patient's experience from troublesome to fuss-free. Patients are able to see multiple specialists and have their diagnostic tests without having to leave the centre, reducing waiting times and providing greater convenience and more coordinated care for patients.

Her visionary foresight coupled with her dynamic and effective leadership has been crucial to steering the growth of the business. This is reflected in the Group’s strong performance where revenue has grown more than tenfold in the last decade. From a clinic of 800 sq. ft. with 6 staffs, the Group’s operations today span over more than 30,000 sq. ft. with a staff strength of more than 100.

The Group currently consists of four medical entities: Singapore Heart, Stroke and Cancer Centre, Singapore Medical Specialists Centre, Singapore Centre for Medical Imaging, and The Aesthetics Medical Clinic, and provides a comprehensive range of services including health screening, multi-specialist services, diagnostic imaging services, day surgery as well as aesthetics and wellness services. Each of the centres constantly leverages on evolving technology, innovation and service improvement to deliver healthcare in the most cost-efficient manner and with excellent outcomes.

Below are the key learnings from the winner of the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2018.

#1 Prioritise Your Customers

Ms Huang embodies the true spirit of an entrepreneur. She believes that growing a company is about finding what the customer needs, but is unavailable. In healthcare, it is about using the latest in medical science, the newest in medical technology, the best in service quality, and delivering healthcare services in a safe, efficient and affordable manner to achieve the ultimate goal in healthcare – the prevention of diseases and the maintenance of good health.

There is a Chinese saying which goes like, “A doctor should care for their patients like parents care for their children”. Ms Huang always tells her staff that in everything, patients always come first. By investing in training and advanced medical technology, the Group developed healthcare services that focuses on “Accuracy, Safety and Excellence in Service”. This unique patient centric approach with a “Put Patient First” philosophy has allowed the Group to grow and become one of the most ideal and preferred healthcare choices for both busy individuals and medical tourists from the region.

#2 Care for Your Employees

Ms Huang is an inspiration to her staff and has won their hearts and loyalty. Many of her staff has steadfastly remained in the company since joining the company. She treats all staff as part of a family. According to the entrepreneur, "Behind every staff there are family members including parents, children and spouse, and they are all part of our extended family. The trust and support that they have given to the staff member inspires me to bring the company to greater heights and to give all staff a better future."

#3 Serve the Community

Despite her busy schedule, Ms Huang is very passionate about serving the community. Under her leadership, the company has adopted many corporate social responsibility initiatives, such as organising fundraising Gala Dinners for Stroke Support Station, a charity dedicated to helping stroke survivors to integrate back to society. Being an active stakeholder along Orchard Road, Singapore, the company has also partnered with Orchard Road Business Association to offer free health screening to the more than 7000 employees who work along Orchard Road as part of a Health Promotion Board initiative to fighting diabetes.

#4 Be Strong and Resilient

Ms Huang’s advice to all budding entrepreneurs is “The path to entrepreneurship is full of challenges and hardships, but it’s also full of surprises and fun. If you want to start an entrepreneurial journey, you must persist and stick to it. Be strong and resilient, then you can fly higher and further.”

In the next few years, the entrepreneur envisions growing the Group to be the largest multi-specialty medical group in the region. The Group is also currently planning for its expansion overseas and to bring its unique patient-centric model into the region.