4 Internet Trends in China for 2019 You Should Not Miss

China has the most internet users in the world. According to the Chinese government it currently boasts around 800 million active internet users or 21% of the world’s total internet users (followed by India, the United States and Indonesia).

Most interestingly, 98% of the user base are mobile users, which illustrates the efficiency of China in rolling out network coverage, and how mobile technology has become an indispensable facet of everyday life in the country.

The most recent edition of Mary Meeker’s famous Internet Trends 2018 report highlighted the top internet companies in the world by valuation. Of the largest tech giants globally, Chinese companies took seven of the top 20 spots. These companies include: Alibaba, Tencent, Ant Financial, Baidu, JD.com, Didi Chuxing, Xiaomi, and Meituan Dianping.

Given that the country has emerged on the world stage, their successes are increasingly being studied and replicated in other markets. Below are insights on the top 4 internet trends in China for 2019 which you should not miss:

#1 China’s ‘Copycat’ Tech Industry is Now Being Copied

If you think of China as a country that copies rather than innovates - think again.

Global technology companies are now replicating successful concepts from their Chinese counterparts, from the Super App to social+ ecommerce to short videos.