3 Environmental-Friendly Innovations You Did Not Know About

We have reached a critical point with regards to climate change, and many businesses are stepping up to build a green future. Here are three eco-friendly innovative projects from around the world (in no particular order) that give us hope for the future.

#1 Ultraboost Uncaged Parley by Adidas Sports (China) Co. Ltd

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To end marine plastic pollution, sportswear company Adidas partnered with Parley for The Oceans to launch their first performance products created with Parley Ocean Plastic™ in 2016. Parley Ocean Plastic™ is made from recycled waste, intercepted before it reaches the ocean from beaches and coastal communities.

Besides, they also initiated the movement of “running for the oceans”. The aim of this movement was to leverage on the power of sports to make a positive change in the world. In total, there were over 58,818 full marathons put together.

#2 Green Pallet for Green Packaging by LHT Holdings Limited

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In supply chain, wood pallets have been largely used for efficient handling of manufacturers goods during loading and unloading, transportation, transits, shipping and storages by means of hand jacks, forklift, crane which lowers manpower handling and storage efficiencies.

However, they are susceptible to pest infestation and required to be heat-treated in accordance to the International Standard Phytosanitary Measure “Regulation of Wood Packaging Material in International Trade” which involves over 120 participating countries.

Innovative Processed Product Conversion Pallets was thus founded. The pallets are made from 50% to 100% recycled waste wood materials and provide innovative packing solutions that helps customers reduce waste, thereby contributing to the reduction of carbon emissions.

It had undergone high heat (100 to 180 degrees Celsius) by killing the pest in the process. Due to its wood-based properties and low moisture contents, the pallet does not attract secondary pests and are pest-free.

#3 Green Community Energy Management System, GEMS by Bangchak Corporation Public Company Limited

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The Green Community Energy Management System consists of PV Rooftop installations on various structures, with a combined capacity of 279 kW, inverters, featuring Thailand’s largest operating lithium battery (1 MWh) (NMC and LPF) and microgrid system.

The system follows the principles of Time Shift Energy Usage, actively buying electricity between 1:00 am – 4:00 am, when hydroelectric dams are operational, resulting in lower costs and storing the electrical energy in lithium batteries for daytime usage.

Besides, it utilises AI to forecast energy costs using hourly weather forecast and load prediction data, to evaluate energy procurement from the grid, and maximise consumption efficiency. It also uses a locally developed energy trading platform that enables users to trade energy through an auction exchange, similar to how stocks are traded on the stock exchange market.