Research & Analysis

A team of analysts in Enterprise Asia conducts continuous research data assimilation, business forecasting, market statistics and economic review. With our global reach and wide spectrum of studies, you may gain valuable insights on various focuses, such as a country’s demographics, company statistics, and market analysis to name a few.

Enterprise Asia Intelligence Unit (EAIU) was established in 2009 as an essentially self-contained research division, with administrative, professional and technical staff to support the research activities. Research needs of the Unit extend across the spectrum from applied to strategic and pure research. The research journals and reports generated by the EAIU are carried out by eight groups of industry analysts covering areas of data assimilation, business forecasting, market statistics and economic review. The works of each group contribute to the identification of leading companies and visionary leaders across 32 countries in Asia, each specialising in a select few of the 24 major industries we delve.

We produce these findings through various channels, print and otherwise, via our Annual Reports, Newsletters and Economic Analyses in Official Publications. This information is also contributed by partners, government bodies, relevant independent institutions who benefit from our database in disseminating information to the public.

As an extremely well-connected organisation, Enterprise Asia can draw on considerable financial and intellectual resources the world over.