Shaping Asia’s Entrepreneurship Agenda

Despite the challenging economic scenario around the region and across the world, Asia has maintained its steady climb as the new economic powerhouse of the world. In order to grow, Asian entrepreneurs need to connect, create a synergistic business environment and take sustainable actions to propel their businesses to greater heights.
The Asia Entrepreneurship Forum 2012 (AEF 2012) will bring together highly reputable entrepreneurs, leaders from government and academia in Asia to share their vision on the most pressing issues in this dynamic region and the world at large.
A forum by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, AEF 2012 will be a platform for all attendees to strengthen ties, share experiences & insight, and identify regional challenges & opportunities to shape Asia towards a more responsible, sustainable and progressive socio-economic market.

Chairman’s Message

It is an honor to be part of a regional initiative promoting and supporting entrepreneurship. The Asia Entrepreneurship Forum is built on the principle of responsible entrepreneurship and investment in people with the objective of developing entrepreneurship in Asia.

Having served in the development of human capital in Malaysia for over two decades, it is my strong believe that nurturing and developing entrepreneurship, especially among the young is a key growth engine of any country with the immense potential to deliver much-needed socio economic benefits to the people.

Therefore it is timely, that in this time of economic challenges in Asia and the rest of the world, there is an opportunity for Asian entrepreneurs to come together to take stock of, to strengthen ties and to collaborate on cross regional business opportunities.

Essentially, we hope that the success of the Asia Entrepreneurship Forum will further benefit local communities across Asia to reduce poverty, create access to basic education and training and job opportunities.

Having spent most of my life in policy development across Asia, we know that policies alone will not change the fate of any community, country or region. It is the action of the people which holds the power of change and therefore, i believe that it is the entrepreneurs who must act as agents of change in determining the progress of Asia today and in the future.

Entrepreneurship, coupled with the power of networking from this forum, will be the single most important foundation in developing Asia into an economic powerhouse. I look forward to the Asia Entrepreneurship Forum to take the lead in setting the entrepreneurship agenda for Asia and i look forward to meeting you in Macau!

Tan Sri Dr Fong Chan Onn
Minister of Human Resources of Malaysia (1999-2008)