Module 5:
Social Return on Investment (SROI)

March 19, 2021 (FRI). 9:00am - 5:00pm (GMT+8)

It is important to measure social impact to demonstrate to stakeholders and funders that a project or organisation is making a difference.

It is most commonly measured by considering the social return on investment (SROI). SROI measures change and tells the story of how change is being created by measuring social, environmental and economic outcomes and uses monetary values to represent them, enabling a ratio of benefits to costs to be calculated1.
Part One: Social Return On Investment
  • Concepts of Impact Measurement
  • Monetization of Social Value
  • Engagement of Stakeholders
  • 7 principles of SROI
  • 6 stages of SROI Calculation
  • Case Studies - SROI Ratio
  • Surplus Vegetable Collection in The Link Fresh (Wet) Market
  • Conclusion and Implication to Project Design and CSR

Part Two: Climate Risk Framework With Procedures And Real Examples
  • Change in social and environment event
    (Climate hazards, extreme weather events, enhance environmental regulations)
  • Gap Analysis and Climate Scenario Analysis
  • Disclose the metrics used by the company to assess materiality of Climate-related risks and opportunities
    (Procedures and examples)
  • Process of identifying the impact of Climate-related risks and opportunities on the company's business, strategy, and financial planning
    (Procedures, assumption, parameters, and examples)
  • Process of identifying Physical, Transition, Market and Technology Shift, Reputation Risks associated with Climate Change
    (Procedures and examples; vulnerabilities, evaluation, and prioritization)
  • Adaptation and building Resilience
  • Case Studies


Phnom Penh, Cambodia

May 2021 (tentative date)
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