Module 4:
Create Value With Circular Economy

March 12, 2021 (FRI). 9:00am - 5:00pm (GMT+8)

The Circular Economy continues to spark entrepreneurial imagination as it provides the opportunity to ‘make more with less’ – keeping material, product and service value as high as possible for as long as possible; preventing the waste of precious resources; and giving back to nature and the community. By transforming waste and resource management, its objective is to create more societal, environmental and economic value, whilst reducing, avoiding and negating value loss and destruction.

This course will help business leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs to:
  • Understand what differentiates the circular economy from linear ‘business-as-usual’;
  • Identify circular business opportunities by capturing lost value;
  • Develop circular strategies with the Circularity Compass and other tools;
  • Learn from circular business models, cases and examples;
  • Apply circular system innovation in their own business.

  • PART I: Why ‘Get Circular’: The True Value within the Circular Economy

    Session 1: Recognize the Value of Circular Economy
  • Linear vs. Circular Economy: How the Linear Economy Destroys Value
  • Understanding CE: The Story of the Pyramid, the Butterfly, and the Doughnut
  • The Value Hill: Conceptualizing Value Loss and Value Capture

  • Session 2: Identify Circular Opportunities
  • The Resource-Waste Framework: Identifying the ‘Big Five’ Wastes
  • Circular Strategies: Real-Life Circular Business Cases
  • The Circularity Compass: How to make Your Product/Service Circular

  • PART II: How to ‘Get Circular’: Making Circularity and System Innovation Work

    Session 3: Develop Circular Solutions
  • The Compass in Action: Applying Circularity in Your Work Context
  • The Circularity Grid: Circular Value Chains
  • The Circular Strategy Scanner: A Strategy Overview

  • Session 4: Deliver Circularity + System Innovation
  • Going Circular: The Role of System Innovation
  • Next steps: How to implement Circular Solutions ‘Back Home’
  • Final Group Discussion, Feedback and Evaluation, Wrap Up

  • Martin Stavenhagen is the Co-Founder and Director of SD Consulting. He is a policy consultant, researcher and climate coach with more than 10 years of experience building capacities for the circular economy, system innovation and sustainable development. He likes to engage with public and private sector decision makers, start-ups, cities and other innovators to strengthen climate action and sustainable solutions for a zero-carbon economy.

    Martin has a B.A. in Governmental Studies from the University of Erfurt; a Master of Public Policy from the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore; and a postgraduate degree in Development Cooperation from the German Development Institute (DIE) in Bonn. He is also a Certified Expert in Climate and Renewable Energy Finance by the Frankfurt School of Finance and UNEP.