Module 2:
ESG Performance and Sustainability Reporting

January 27, 2021 (WED). 9:00am - 5:00pm (GMT+8)

Session 1: ESG on the Radar
Telling the ESG Story: Brief overview of the five sessions and goals of the course

ESG on the RADAR
Examining the increased expectations for ESG reporting. What are the current expectations of the market? Regulators, investors/investment funds, company, society/stakeholders

Putting the ESG radar to the test:
A discussion on your company’s response to the COVID-19 crisis that will be part of your 2020/1 report. By now you should be aware of the company’s future planning and preparedness? Is the response adequate considering the ESG Radar stakeholders?

Session 2: Framing the ESG Story: Using the TCFD Recommendations

  • Introduction to the Taskforce Climate-related Financial four recommendations and how they serve as a playbook/master content guide for the ESG reporting exercise:
    • Governance
    • Strategy
    • Risk Management
    • Metrics
  • Seven principles to apply to disclosures to improve quality and value of your story

Session 3: Materiality

  • Why is materiality central to the ESG story?
  • Materiality Matrix: a manufacturing company in Asia. What does the matrix tell you about the company?
  • Drill down forensics: tracing the materiality story using the TCFD 4 recommendations as the framework. Working backwards from the hard data to Board Director guidance.
  • Questions re the pandemic response are be included for each recommendation

Session 4: Creating a Value Driven and Engaging Report

  • The Reporting Cycle: Using the reporting cycle chart to plan, develop and deliver the annual ESG report. (the timeline for the annual reporting cycle)
  • Using the TCFD recommendations as a guide for the cohesive and connected ESG story build out.
  • Internal management value
  • The physical report
  • General reporting tips… small ideas for a big impact

Session 5: Telling the ESG Story

Group discussion of the narratives. Participants are asked to contribute their narrative and group will comment on the narrative for clarity, logic, connectedness from governance to metrics, etc.

Theodora Thunder is expert in taking companies into the next levels of sustainability development through end-to-end ESG development, management and reporting. Leading Streeter Strategic Ltd, she has been working in this field for over 15 years in Hong Kong.

Theodora is well versed in developing the platforms and communication channels that align ESG, CSR and sustainability reporting to international standards and guidelines such at the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), IIRC, FTSE4Good, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange Environmental Social and Governance Reporting Guide as well as a number of other regional regulatory and industry-specific indices.

She also specialises in stakeholder engagement and internal competency building to ensure integration of ESG into organisational development. She is a certified Appreciative Inquiry facilitator and New Change Equation convenor certified through the Case Western Reserve University. These strengths-based methodologies are leading internationally recognised organisational development tools that promote the sustainable development of the 21st century organisation.

Theodora works with Encompass HK to organise systems thinking workshops that integrate the SDGs into corporate decision making.