Executive Diploma
In Sustainability

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One's character is an
accumulation of habits
the way we think,
act and conduct ourselves.

~Datuk Dr Paul Chan
(HELP University president and vice-chancellor)

About the Diploma

It is globally known that the current progress of sustainable development is not enough. The push for corporations to solve global sustainability issues is getting greater, and many organisations find achieving the 2030 Agenda to be a challenge, especially when they have to generate business opportunities and value for stakeholders while tackling such challenges.

The Executive Diploma In Sustainability covers the challenges sustainability practitioners have to face during their sustainability journey, helping them to be effective in their roles, enhance their sustainability strategies and business performance, at the same time deliver towards the global goals. It is time for organisations to expand their strategic thinking beyond the profit-making environment and consider embedding more impactful sustainability strategies to create a balance that is sustainable. As purposeful companies are now gaining more mainstream interest and support, CEOs of the future will want their corporations to be forces of good.

The course consists of six modules, undertaking eight hours per module, plus an immersive trip. The immersive trip will only be eligible for participants who have completed the Executive Diploma.

The Executive Diploma In Sustainability:
  • Business Case for Sustainability
  • ESG Performance and Sustainability Reporting
  • Delivering Business Towards the SDGs
  • Create Value With Circular Economy
  • Social Return on Investment (SROI)
  • Taking Sustainable Strategies Forward
  • Immersive Trip

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