Creality 8th Anniversary — With You, We Spark Creativity

SHENZHEN, China, April 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Creality celebrated its 8th anniversary on April 9th, 2022. Just like the theme “With You, We Spark Creativity”, Creality fully delivered its user-centered philosophy from five aspects, including communication mechanism, new website and official store, Creality Cloud 4.0, eco-system strategic layout and new products, such as Creality HALOT-ONE PRO & PLUS.

Communication Mechanism Reconstruction

Creality is inclusive and devotes to building user communities. Making source codes available on GitHub for modification, and redesigning UI for CR-10 Smart Pro with key user Sebastiaan Dammann, Creality aims to improve user experience via further communication and interactions. In addition, Creality awarded users with “Person of the Year” so as to show respect and encourage more engagement.

Launch of New Global Website and Official Store

Getting users’ voices heard, Creality notices that model acquisition, slicing and quality printing are the main pain points. To provide better service, Creality added Creality Cloud’s entrance on the top and bottom navigations, product page, and information downloading page, where global users can access the model library and conduct slicing online. Creality’s new global website is a DTC website redesigned based on consumers’ needs, where users can obtain products’ basic information, relevant services, accessories and recommended filaments, etc.

For the celebration, Creality is offering a 15% off discount for products in the official store. The activity will go on till April 11th. Get surprises here: It also has “Buy More Save More” coming right after the 15% off discount flash-sale:

Eco-system New Products – CR-Scan Lizard & CR-Laser Falcon

Creality’s new 3D scanner—CR-Scan Lizard delivers up to 0.05 mm precision, introducing the industrial-grade accuracy into desktop-grade. The new 3D engraver & cutter – CR-Laser Falcon allows users to create artwork on multiple materials, such as the high-hard matte stainless steel, general hard PVC and flexible paper. Furthermore, Creality prioritizes healthiness. The optimization of the smoke and dust filtration system enables users to create their masterpieces in a healthy environment.

Announcement of Creality HALOT-ONE PRO & PLUS

The new resin 3D printers Creality HALOT-ONE PRO & PLUS meet the demands of high precision printing. Being more accurate, more intelligent and more easy to use, Creality HALOT-ONE PRO with 7.04” 3K mono LCD, and Creality HALOT-ONE PLUS with 7.0” 4K mono LCD are able to print 0.01 mm micro-pore and micro-column, and restore anime’s details with high fidelity.

Brand New Creality Cloud 4.0

Creality Cloud is the world’s first all-in-one 3D printing platform that offers model downloading, cloud slicing, and remote control, making 3D printing easier and smarter for over a million makers.

Apart from all these, the following 3D printers will impress users under different scenarios.

Ender-3 S1 & S1 Pro are rated as BEST 3D PRINTER UNDER $500. Designed with “Sprite” dual-gear direct extruder, they are very skillful when printing with diverse filaments and can maintain their excellence in 300°C high-temp printing with PA, TPU, etc. To print or restore an auto tyre is not a challenge at all.

CR-10 Smart Pro has enhanced intelligence to a higher level. Connect to Creality Cloud—the model library via Wi-Fi, users can print and monitor anytime and anywhere.

Sermoon V1/ V1 Pro featured by assembly free and leveling free has a fully-enclosed structure, which is safe to use at home or school. With sound exposure lower than 45db, Sermoon V1/ V1 Pro achieves silent printing, and it’s a perfect partner.

Getting voices heard and making continuous efforts, Creality is building up its brand image. Creality’s CEO Mr. Ao extended gratitude to users for their trust on the 8th anniversary celebration and he hoped that every user who encountered Creality could reap value beyond expectations and enjoy the convenience and fun brought by 3D printing. As always, Creality will stick to the user-oriented philosophy, introduce 3D printing and bring benefits to thousands of households.

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