Blue United Changes Its Name and Digital Reward to More Closely Align to Its Mission

JACKSON, Wyo., April 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Blue United, the blockchain-enabled, global wellness provider, today announced it has changed its name to Galvan, and has changed its digital reward name to IZE. These new names are inspired by the word galvanize, which means to shock or excite someone into taking action.

The change, which also includes a new identity and product development strategy, is the result of Galvan’s continuing effort to align the promise of blockchain technology with the most dire and unmet needs of the healthcare space.

Adam Sharp, CEO of Galvan, explains, “Our healthcare systems, though well-intended, have shifted resources, responsibility, and decision-making away from patients. As an ER physician, despite working with amazing doctors, nurses, and providers in some of the highest performing health systems in the world, I have seen firsthand the limitations of our current methods. Galvan represents a decentralized approach to change the culture of healthcare and wellness, returning the focus and ownership to patients. Galvan’s name epitomizes our vision to inspire, enable, and—well—galvanize individuals’ resolve to form healthy habits. In short, we see the power of the blockchain as an opportunity to provide products, services, and incentives that will empower people with the tools and information they need to become their best selves.”

Galvan believes that wellness is quite literally the ability, opportunity, and desire to make beneficial decisions in all areas of health—mental, emotional, physical, and financial; and they have evolved their product strategy to support this belief. More announcements on this are soon to follow.

About Galvan
Galvan is a wellness services provider coupled to a blockchain that leverages smart contracts to authenticate and incentivize the healthy choices of its community.

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IZE Disclaimer
IZE is a digital reward earned in exchange for work and action on the Galvan network. IZE is designed to have utility on the Galvan platform for the purchase of Galvan products and services, although other cryptocurrencies may be used as well. IZE is not available for purchase from Galvan. IZE is not an investment product and may never have any value. Galvan node owners should not expect to recognize any value from IZE other than its utility with Galvan. Galvan does not anticipate IZE’s value correlating with Galvan’s business activities.

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