Former Minister of Human Resources of Malaysia.
Chairman, Enterprise Asia.


On behalf of Enterprise Asia – the region’s leading non-governmental organisation for entrepreneurship, I am pleased to welcome you to Enterprise Asia’s official website.

Entrepreneurship has become a buzzword both in the media and in political debate. It is almost impossible to imagine a discussion about any aspect of economic policy without mentioning of the contribution of, or impact on, entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs create products, services and jobs. They expand economies, improve people’s lives, provide employment and bring about competition. A competitive environment, in turn, gives rise to efficiency, meritocracy and further innovations and entrepreneurial drive. Asia is a dynamic place boasting a rapid economic growth. The once economy giants are now looking east, as Asia as a region is rising steadily towards becoming the world-leading economic power. While this results in big opportunities for businesses in this region, it also means great challenges for stakeholders of the ecosystem. Despite the exalted views on entrepreneurship, the measurement for the phenomenon has long been an issue. Enterprise Asia with its diverse series of programmes aims to bridge this gap.

We seek partnerships with bodies that will be able to join force and strive towards a common vision. We honour the region’s best entrepreneurs and create a platform for them to impart their knowledge to the younger generation. We urge the various government bodies to endorse the importance of entrepreneurship development in driving further economic growth.

It has been our great pleasure to receive the support from various engines, individuals, and even youth leaders. We do sincerely hope as an Asian entrepreneur, every one of you will do your part in being part of the movement.

Thank you.