The inaugural Asia Entrepreneurship Forum 2012 will be participated by up to 800 delegates comprising of top business leaders, government leaders, successful business owners, academic leaders and high net worth individuals from over 12 countries across Asia.

We are seeking partnership with organizations to host the various sessions at the Forum to provide delegates and speakers great forum experience at the AEF 2012 in MACAU, China. All hosting costs includes covering the costs of invited speakers logistics needs, costs of Forum related branding and promotional activities and costs of session execution.

Be a Sponsor

If you would like to align your organization with the Asia Entrepreneurship Forum 2012, please contact us at forum@enterpriseasia.org or call us at +603 7803 0312


  • Branding & Promotion of your organization and products to a targeted audience of up to 1000 business owners and business leaders from all across Asia in a single venue with extended promotion to 12 countries in Asia via over 15 media with readership and/or viewership of over 500,000 business owners and business leaders in Asia.
  • Opportunity to network with government leaders, top business leaders, academicians and successful entrepreneurs who are the movers and shakers of the economy of Asia. Gain insights on current and future market conditions and opportunities first hand from these industry and government leaders.
  • Be part of the history for the very first AEF to discuss about entrepreneurship topics in Asia, which will be attended by over 1000 top entrepreneurs, respective countries’ government leaders, economist, academicians etc. across the region.