Enterprise Asia

Enterprise Asia is a non-governmental organization in pursuit of entrepreneurship development across the region. We strive to promote fair and equal opportunities for emerging entrepreneurs. Founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, the organization is supported by a panel of prominent industry and government leaders who truly believe in the mission of championing entrepreneurship in Asia.


To create an Asia that is rich in entrepreneurship as an engine towards economic and social development that is both progressive and sustainable development within a world of economic equality.


We champion entrepreneurship development across Asia and strive to cultivate a culture of honesty, fairness and corporate social responsibility.


  • Embracing entrepreneurship - We are innovative, creative and determined while striving for excellence in pursuit of our vision.
  • Diversity - We promote and respect diversity as a form of encouraging innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.
  • Excellence - We seek to deliver quality results in all endeavors which exceed the expectations of our stakeholders.
  • Integrity - We maintain high ethical standards and integrity in everything that we do with transparency in our decisions and actions.
  • Responsible entrepreneurship - We encourage responsible entrepreneurship in both thoughts and actions towards the stakeholders, communities and environment.
  • Investment in people - We continuously invest in our people to enable the delivery of excellence to our stakeholders.

Championing Entrepreneurship Development

We work with governments, NGOs and other organizations to promote competitiveness and entrepreneurship development as a source of endogenous economic growth. We believe that the true foundation of any nation’s economy lies in its entrepreneurial resources; which if nurtured effectively can be the most efficacious asset for sustainable economic development. Together, we aim to uplift the economic status of people across Asia to ensure a legacy of hope, innovation and courage for our children.


Cultivating Honest, Fair and Responsible Entrepreneurship

We strive to cultivate a culture of honest, fair and responsible entrepreneurship across Asia. With honest, fair and responsible entrepreneurial spirit ingrained within a country’s culture, numerous social and economic issues, including urban poverty, urban-rural income disparity, inter-racial and inter-cultural conflicts, labor exploitation and economic slavery can be diminished and eradicated.

About Enterprise Asia

Message from the President

Enterprise Asia is a regional non-governmental think-tank established by a group of established Entrepreneurs, Academicians and Organization Leaders.

Our Services

As an extremely well-connected organization, Enterprise Asia can draw on considerable financial and intellectual resources the world over.